This is just to say hello to all the kind human beings who by accident encountered this site ( if you’re not a human being and you can still read this, good job, please contact me to make scientific discoveries together)


I’m not quite sure what this is all about, so please don’t have high expectation. Speaking of life expectation, here’s a free bonus life hack: whatever you are about to do (e.g. go on a date, have an awkward family get-together etc) do it with lower expectations, this way you might end up with a pretty pleasant surprise and experience WHOAAAA

(no guarantee)


Anyways, I’ll throw supercool life quotes at you (jk), write some articles about stuff that interest me, and test out some products that I’ll hopefully get for free (muhahaha).


So here you go, the blog is out and running, I will not do any marketing activities whatsoever, I let success come to me, because I believe in karma!




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