My new year’s resolution is to make a revolution.

Fineee, I’m only writing this because it rhymes and sounds cool. Also, it’s a tiny bit too late to write about new year’s stuff. BUT, never too late to make resolution and/or revolution.

So let’s talk inspirational… I believe in 2 kinds of inspiration.


something that comes when you’re in harmony, open minded, ready for a challenge or a great adventure, when you feel like creating something ,you get chills about it and you can’t wait to start whatever that inspiration is for. being inspired this way is AWESOMEEEE! and you should always go with it (see the result of me being inspired once at work at the end of the post)



Okay, inspiration nr 2 is forced. It’s about things that need to happen and you are the only one who can make it. For example you encountered health issues because you’re being overweight therefore you HAVE TO lose weight in order to avoid risking your life. (Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better example). This will result in you reading more about healthy lifestyles, watching youtube videos all night etc etc. Either way you’ll slowly get super inspired about new food, exercises and everything that has to do with losing weight (and I don’t mean it in a way that you’ll be obsessed and develop a terrible disease).


My goals for 2016 are driven by these forced inspirations. (hope you noticed the smooth transition)
And thanks to my great life experience and wisdom (seriously), I learnt not to put labels on them (like when you kind of seeing someone, but you tell each other not to put label on it just yet) Otherwise it won’t work.

For example many people set losing weight (sorry for bringing this again as an example) as a goal, or losing X pound. Now for me, I have to set it as eating clean and start doing some sports. These will result in losing weight and feeling better without the pressure of actually losing weight. This method is real science and science RULEZZZZZ!

Read this: You’re more than welcome to join the no pressure community (i’m the only member so far because everyone thinks it’s ridiculous and that I will never accomplish anything with this attitude)!!

So after rambling way too much finally below you can find the list of my goals for this year.. (unless you don’t want to see it which I completely understand)

  • HEALTH STUFF: eating clean, drinking more, and start exercising
    this goes brilliant so far (except that I haven’t started exercising, but remember NO pressure). I feel great, I’m full with energy, skin looks better plus a bit stressed out by the lack of idea on what to eat
  • JOB STUFF: relocating
    for me this means getting a new job, but I hate to say it out loud and listen to people asking me how it goes. Okay this is depressing and goes not too well, but honestly I am also extremely surprised by how well I’m taking it but we all know the reason (health stuff results in improved mood)
  • LANGUAGE STUFF: picking up a new language
    ideally this will be Portuguese but because of the no pressure policy I keep being open minded and I know I’ll probably go for Spanish in the end because that makes more sense

Of course I have tons of plans and projects I want to complete this year, but these 3 are the ones I consider top priority.
I think you can sense the first two goals are really the forced ones, but because I know I have to get those done, I feel inspired to go along and do everything to succeed. But strictly no pressure.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 16.36.57

I know this has become slightly sentimental, and sorry if you don’t like that, I myself also don’t fancy reading about these, but if you’re still here and reading, leave a comment about your inspiration/goals/resolution/revolution.
I’m also planning on writing about the progression of each goals. Unless it’s super depressive and I give up.

And as a bonus, let me share the result of me feeling perfectly inspired. I remember it came out of nowhere and I just felt I need to do something. And because I was at work and clearly didn’t want to proceed with my work stuff, I opened an online photo editor creator super creative software and made this:

Prepare to be amazed!!!

perecthis masterpiece is strictly copyrighted, no explanation needed why…

WOOOOOWWW. Can you also feel it? Inspiration is screaming from this picture.

What do you do when you suddenly feel inspired but you’re in a limited (work) environment?


(also like Serendipityd on Facebook, because more cool motivational suff are coming.. no pressure)


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