Testing; Attention please!

Thanks for the great title idea, Eminem!

I’m a hopeless dreamer, meaning I love spending money on stupid stuff especially if there’s promise to make my life less miserable. YES! You guessed it, i’m talking about mascara! I mean mascara is god’s great gift to our eyelashes, and eyelashes are evolution’s (?) gift to our eyes, and eyes.. well… are fairly essential!

I don’t want to spend time and energy on explaining why mascara is so cool and that if you buy and use only one beauty product it should be mascara, there are beauty bloggers who will do that for me (thanks girls).

So to honour the best invention of mankind here’s a few of the mascara I currently own and some words about them.

Please accept my apologies in advance, I really didn’t feel like editing the photos. Great start for a new blog!!


1.Essence I heart Extreme crazy volume mascara

well well well I’ve got this guy for quite some now and I find myself repurchasing it over and over again, but now that i’m writing this I clearly have no idea why. As you can see on the picture it picks up a hugeeeee amount of product and it’s hard to work with, but I love a good challenge. Probably I like it because it’s deep dark black and it makes the lashes pop. I never use it by itself, mostly as a las step after I had other mascara make magic.


2. Maybelline – Colossal go extreme volum

Probably my favourite one, because it makes my lashes soo fluffy. And that’s about it. It does not give any length or volume nor does it separate the lashes. Weirdly, it’s still cool and I’ll keep using, you can’t stop me!!!!


3. Rimmel – Super Curler 24hr (so many words on the packaging, no idea if that’s correct)

I’ll be honest with you. I love being blown away by cool marketing. And Rimmel did it cool, I bought their newest (not anymore) mascara. It’s supposed to make the lashes curly so you can forget the eyelash curler… hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAH anyways, I give credit to myself for trying. And fyi I will by their new invention the mascara that will colour your lashes, so after 2 weeks of usage, your lashes will look black and beautiful by themselves. MAGIC!


4. Catrice- Glamour Doll volume Mascara

Now this one is no liar. It gives volume, length, separate the lashes for real. The only problem is that the consistency is a tiny bit dry, but HEY have a look at the first product!!! Whenever I use them together I feel like I’ve accomplished something in life!


Now I don’t know if that was any helpful, or informative at all. I probably should have include actual pictures of my actual lashes to see what wonder these products do. So what, I didn’t do that and you wasted your time scrolling through a nonsense post. Life is still beautiful and so are you. Free bonus life hack (WOOOW): When you make a mistake and you’re very aware of that (like I am now) and someone calls you out on it (you being angry I didn’t include before-after pics) make a compliment! The other person will instantly forget what you did and will love you forever!!!



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