I’ve been testing the Taylor Swift of the hair brushes lately and I’m ready to share my experience. Why Taylor Swift?? -you might ask. →Makes you forget your pain, looks cool and cute, you wish you had discovered it earlier, original and will be with you Forever & Always (BAM nailing that lyrics reference!!)

Yes, I’m talking about the Tangle Teezer (and Taylor a little bit), massive shout out to whoever invented it! Thanks for saving precious human hair!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 13.06.44

I don’t know what kind of black magic it does, but it works. I have a bright pink one from Avon, and I had 2 major worries prior testing:

  1. I’m left handed and drowning in the filthy world of priviliged right handed society ⇒here’s a FUN FACT: left handed people live on average 9 (!!!) years less than right handed people… thanks to whoever is responsible for that! (angry face)
    I mean I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit in my left hand (DISPROVED)

  2. I have super thick curly hair that is extremely dry and tangled. And I mean it! Seriously! Brushing my hair meant going through hell for me. (NOT ANYMORE)

I didn’t have high expectations because of the above mentioned reasons, and also because I HATE BRUSHING MY HAIR, but WOOOW. And again WOOOOW. I felt no pain!!! It did fit perfectly in my hand, and was super easy to work with it.  And while a normal brush/comb removes a big deal of my hair (seriously it’s insane how much hair I lose while brushing) Tangle Teezer was sooo smooth, only a few came out.

And no, it’s not perfect (neither is Taylor Swift), I can think of a few down sides, but none of them would make me stop using it. First, it’s really hard to clean, and because my hair basically collects every flying object in the universe you can actually see it being dusty (or whatever mystery is inside there), if you have any cool cleaning tips pleaaaasee let me know!

Also, because of the thickness of my hair I need to go through it in layers several times to completely detangle it, while a usual comb would do it without having to separate my hair into thin sections. And one last thing, I can already see the bristles bending on the sides which is definitely not a good sign. But I let that slide because my hair is a nightmare dressed as a daydream (go Taylor!).

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 13.06.30

I still don’t brush my hair every day (and you also shouldn’t if you have curly/ish hair) but this tiny device from heaven made it so easy and painless. You should definitely give it a go, and let me know what you think. For me it’s 10/10.

And the last thing I have to say to my old hairbrush: we are never ever ever getting back together!


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5 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. I definitely want to try this! I suffer from EXTREMELY TANGLEY HAIR SYNDROME (it’s a thing.. maybe..) and this looks perfect. Also, great use of Taylor Swift lyrics. This is the first review I’ve laughed at (in a good way) while reading. Kudos!

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