Emozional review


Happy friday!

Testing, attention please again! I’m not sure how effective it is to review scents and perfumes on a blog, but we love a good challenge! Honestly I’m not really into perfumes, but I do wear it every single day. Not obsessed, but I love the classy powdery smells. Sometimes I also like the super sweet heavy ones like Britney’s Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy.

The one I’m reviewing today is by Salvatore Ferragamo, who was an Italian Shoe designer who worked with many Hollywood celebrities then founded his own company and became super successful. So believe me, he knew what he was doing (not like me writing this review). Anyways, the company evolved into a luxury good empire and that all of their products totally confirm that.


I used to use Signorita which really is a sweet signature scent, very special, a bit heavy but stays on all day. I have never gotten so many compliments on how nice I smell as when I wore that. But hey that’s not the topic.

The ‘new’ scent is called Emozione (not really new, it was launched in February 2015). I got it as a gift (from the same person who introduced me to Signorita) and I didn’t like it first. I haven’t used it at all and thought I would just give it to one of my friends. BUT then some miracle happened and when I tried it again, it was great!! I mean we have a beautiful friendship now. I don’t even understand how I found it too spicy. It’s actually really hard to categorise. Not really powdery, not too sweet, definitely not spicy but also not the old lady’s scent. Great description, I’m really informative so far, sooo sorry about that.

Okay I believe I need to look it up what has been officially said and what it is intended to be. Based on my research it has been announced as extremely feminine fragrance which is classic, contemporary and elegant. The composition is chypre-floral with woody undertones, created to highlight emotions and pleasures that life offers. A sensual Eau de chypre combines powdery notes, floral bouquets and an intense accord of musk.

Woow look at that. They do know how to describe perfumes. I still have a lot to learn!! Anyways I can confirm that it is really elegant, totally wearable as a day perfume in a business environment. I actually don’t find it floral which is cool because I don’t like flower smells (what a good person I am), but I think it’s a really pretty, soft, clean, creamy (I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore), classy scent.

And the packaging is adorable too. Soo stylish and elegant. I love the leather elements on both sides of the bottle. Look at that, isn’t it pretty?


It also came with a body lotion (50ml). I don’t like perfume scented body lotions, and the smell of this is really too strong for me. I think they went overboard with the lotion, I just can’t connect this artificial perfume smell to a lotion that should be super smooth and pampering to your skin. But that’s just my personal opinion. As the lotion is perfect travel size, I’d probably take with me on my travels to use as a hand cream (still too strongly scented for that) or for dry skin emergencies.


Anyways, I think our italian friends did a really good job with this perfume and I look forward to try whatever they come up with.

Let me know if you have tried any of their perfumes, also share your favourite scent and describe it with words that sophisticated  professionals would use!


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