Diet talk


I’m sure I’m not the only one who decided to eat clean/lose weight/whatever in 2016.

I say let’s embark on this beautiful journey together!


I think the first and most important thing is not to call it a diet (unless of course you’re on an actual diet). It’s not something you follow, because you make the rules here and the only rule is to be healthy. How you achieve that, it’s all on you! But surely you’ll need to take extra care of your eating habits and I’d call that a change in your lifestyle. See, it’s already not a diet. I think many people fail because they strictly want to follow the guidelines of a diet created by some smartass professor. And then this happens:


I’ll tell you a personal story and you’ll see what the problem is with dieting. I once followed the 90 Day Diet, I was so strict with following all the instructions that I didn’t even allow myself to enjoy an ice cream on the seaside while on holiday. I lost around 20 kg (way more than I planned, but I enjoyed the weight loss and the great feeling that came with it) and I felt sooo satisfied and proud. When the 90 days passed I was happy that it’s over and I was looking good, who wouldn’t enjoy that? Because the diet had clear straightforward guidelines on what you can eat each day, I was clueless what to do after the 90 days. I went on a 2 weeks long language course where I was really busy so I couldn’t pay much attention to my eating, and because my immune system was super weak due to the diet, I got so sick I couldn’t get out of bed for almost 4 weeks. So you can guess, I slowly returned to my original eating habits, like nothing has changed and over time I gained everything that I lost plus a few additional kg that I haven’t asked for.


I know that following a well developed, popular, proven diet gives you security and makes weight loss fast and easy but what happens when it’s over? You cannot keep a certain type of diet until the end of your life, or that end will come sooner than you’d think.

BUT! That’s why I’m saying you should change the way of thinking. Setting your mind on a healthy lifestyle and not on a diet. As soon as you start, you’ll see the different. For example for a really long time now, I am not eating/drinking anything that contains added sugar. When people I don’t know hear that, they usually wonder if I’m dieting. But the answer is NO. I am not on a diet, I’ve changed my lifestyle. I’m not refusing to eat sugar because a diet told me so, but because I chose not to.


Okay this was not the point of the whole post. I’ll stop that now because it’s such a complicated and exciting topic, I could discuss for hours and hours. What I wanted to say is that your goal should be achieving a healthy lifestyle while getting used to eating clean and you will not have a bad habit to fall back to.

Anyways, I believe this does not happen from today to tomorrow, you need to work hard and keep focused. You need to take small steps, let your body get used to the change and your mind accept that this is something you will not give up, this is your life now.

All I wanted to do with this post is to share my favourite smoothie recipe, but it turned into something super weird, sorry!! And don’t hate on me, I’m not against diets at all!!!!!


So back to the initial purpose of this post, here’s why you should kick off your day with a super yummy smoothie. And by smoothie I only mean the ones you make yourself!!

  • it’s delicious and you’re in full control of the taste
  • supplies your body with fuel for more energy
  • provides you with the daily allowance of fruits and vegetable (which is a challenge to consume)
  • detox. it gives your digestive system a break from man made chemicals
  • beautiful skin, hair and nails. it boosts your body with vitamins and minerals it requires to grow healthier hair and make your skin glow
  • happiness and fun. renewed sense of calm and well-being that good health leads to. It’s super fun to create smoothies as basically you can add whatever ingredient you like.

Also it’s a really delicious and healthy substitute of cereals and sandwiches. If you’re not enjoying creating by yourself, the wonderful world of the internet provides you with limitless recipes. Sometimes the huge amount of possibilities is so overwhelming I am unable to decide and go for my all time favourite.


I purchased my lovely smoothie maker for less than £10, it’s not by any big brand nor a super strong high performance one, but it does the job. It came with two cups, and travel lids.


I don’t always use all the ingredients above, honestly I never put sliced pine apples because they are kept in a syrup full with sugar, but you can of course add that if you like. You can do whatever you want!!!! But if you can’t decide, here’s one I really love:


  • 2 tsp honey
  • 1 natural unflavoured yoghurt
  • half a banana
  • 2 tbsp shredded coconut

Because I have it as an alcohol free tropical morning cocktail/breakfast the above amounts are more than enough for me and you can see it on the picture how much smoothie you get from those ingredients. So based on your taste and needs you can adjust or completely change the recipe. That’s the beauty of smoothies.

But if you fancy a drink after work, or just in general you can add vodka to it and it will become an actual true tropical cocktail. And what’s better than healthy alcohol??????


Anyways, whatever you decide to do, do it with full dedication.




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20 thoughts on “Diet talk

  1. I LOVE this post. I’m not against dieting, but I’ve never found it to work for me. I’ve been changing my eating habits slowly over two years and have never felt better. But, I didn’t do it all at once. I’ve tried different things and found what works, what doesn’t, and what I’m actually able to commit to. If you had told me two years ago that I would be eating like I do now, I never would have believed it, haha! Thanks for sharing your story!

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  2. This is a great post. Healthy and sensible eating is definitely the way forward, fad diets like you said are great for dramatic results but no good for keeping the pounds off long term

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  3. Great post. I hate diets and lifestyle changes are definitely the way forward. Healthy food and exercise – whats not to love? I get annoyed with people who judge about what you eat and how you exercise etc – usually the people who don’t do it are the haters!
    The smoothie sounds lovely too.

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  4. that’s the problem with strict diets, they don’t teach you how to deal with what comes after and usually lead to a bounce back! We love smoothies in this house though and I have a similar smoothie maker (i’ve just bought a blender too, how hardcore :p) and it’s always fun coming up with new concoctions!


  5. Great post, I totally agree. I hate the word diet and was never good at restricting myself. I am now trying a more gentle and natural approach, using the Polar Loop and listening to Slimpods. The weight loss will not be dramatic and overnight but it will happen naturally and hopefully will be permanent.xx

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  6. Diets only work if you change your eating habits for life, that’s for sure! I did the same thing as you did years ago, went on a strict diet and lost a bunch of weight only to gain it all back and more when it was over. I love having smoothies for breakfast or as a snack!

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  7. I agree! I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle. Setting a diet goal is setting yourself up for failure, but making life changes is something completely different. No time limit on it, just swapping out items for healthier choices, sometimes slipping up, then coming right back. We drink smoothies every morning (its the only way to get my son his spinach!). Great post!

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  8. I really struggle to find a balance, either I am too strict and miserable or I am too unmotivated and eat anything that I can reach.! I really wish I could find a happy medium!

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  9. I agree a diet becomes a real thing, a task to be reckoned with, and something that consumes your every waking moment. I am currently doing healthy eaten, smaller portions and only eating when I am hungry, if I can lose 1lb a week then it is 4 stone in a year. Sustainable and long term.

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  10. I’m totally against dieting too! I’ve tried a thousand diets in my lifetime and none of them worked. What I did too was change my lifestyle. It’s the only way to go!! I loooooove smoothies and I really what to try yours! I’m sorry if this sounds too pushy, but I just launched my blog today would love it if could give me your thoughts on my first blog post. I think it’s right up your alley!

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  11. All the little videos made me laugh! Haha my son loved the cookie monster one, I think I would have the same feelings as he would (much rather have cookies). I am struggling at the moment, I definitely agree with you though, it is not a diet. I was told do tell yourself “i don’t want it, instead of I can’t have it”

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